Here are my investing spirit animals. If you don’t know who they are, I’ll give you this hint, they are minds behind a little company called Berkshire-Hathaway.
Mohnish Pabrai, he may be the greatest Buffet style investor who is not part of the Berkshire family. He has written a book and has a podcast, the man is brilliant.
Mohnish Pabrai, Warren Buffett and Guy Spier. Mohnish and Guy spent near $1 million dollars at a charity auction to have lunch with Warren and pick his brain. Wish I had that kind of draw.
Between Nicholas Taleb (above) and Ray Dalio (below) the books you will put on your reading list can take months to get through, but will be wort the read.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock (9358524ai) Ray Dalio ‘Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcedental Meditation’ book launch, New York, USA – 06 Feb 2018

I will keep this short as I want my posts to do the majority of my speaking on the subject of investing. Above are some of the greatest financial minds of our past few generations and they all share one key concept…value. Don’t be blinded by the trends and bling associated around popular investments. Some of them will work out well for you, but others won’t, these are the gentlemen who are molded in the vein of Ben Graham and the art of Value Investing. I’ll include a picture of Ben below so that you can see him, but the Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis which he wrote (the second with David Dodd) are still taught today and are useful to any would be investor. So dive into it, the only person who cares as much as you do about your money is staring right back at you from the mirror. Educate yourself!

Ben Graham, father of Value Investing.