Essential Oils

Okay, don’t click off this page immediately! I was incredibly skeptical when my wife came in one day talking about these essential oils. I called her a hippy, crunchy and made every possible joke I could think of while resisting trying them.

Then I used one … Folks I am here to tell you this, ESSENTIAL OILS WORK!!! I have been a person who forever has not liked using prescribed and over the counter medications because I have experienced the diminishing returns effect of these medications in your body. I used a product from the doTerra® brand called Deep Blue first, which can be used for pain, use as directed of course, but oh my goodness my pain was controlled so quickly! This is coming from someone whose body has been broken down prematurely due to line of work, it worked. That is really the best thing I can say, no hyperbole, IT WORKS.

From there on I have used more and more to help with everything from gastric distress, to sleep, colds, anxiety, heartburn, migraines (yes migraines), and the list goes on. I am honest with myself and the wife as we try different products, but I believe in the products and their affects. I am a convert!

Everyone should think long and hard about what we put in and on our body, as well as the tendencies and gray areas of western pharmaceuticals. I would urge you, no matter the brand (though I am partial to doTerra ® myself) to look at using these wonderful options to improve your health and life!