Youngest explaining the dessert creation process.

So as you likely realize by now, I am the father of two wonderful girls. The unfortunate part is we have to work around dairy and gluten allergies (not life threatening or something, but still very uncomfortable) which you will find in the beginning can be a challenge. However, as we became used to it, we have found that we can do just about anything gluten and dairy free that we could with those allergens in our food. Also, before anyone rolls your eyes and starts to think I’m one of those people…I’m not. I like my non-organic and non-free range chickens, etc. I do like the idea of cruelty free and free range products, organics are great too, but I don’t go out of my way to buy them if you get my drift.

I love that cooking for people with allergies has brought all of us closer through the cooking process as our children are taught about their allergies and we coach them on generally healthy habits. My girls love cooking and cooking shows, shout out to Great British Baking Show, Pioneer Woman, Iron Chef, Final Table and a plethora of wonderful cooking and baking shows out there. It has made our house one where the love of cooking is shared and practiced daily. Yes, I still buy them fast food sometimes, but overall we find little ways to cook in the midst of a busy schedule and everyone in the house shares in the work.

A finished grapefruit tart with sliced grapefruit on top.

BTW the above picture is my favorite dessert ever! That comes from a Tiramisu aficionado, who orders it everywhere he finds it because it is SO stinking good. That grapefruit tart was completely home made from crust to filling to (well the grapefruit wasn’t homegrown) slicing and placing the fruit on top. It was in a word amazing, and to me it shows how many allergen can be overcome if you look for the substitutes.

Like I said, everyone pitches in.

I promise a lot more content, recipes, etc. for this topic as eating is probably my greatest weakness and favorite sports! I like to think I have an eating problem like Bruce Lee had a Kung Fu problem…it’s not a problem if you are the best at it!