doTERRA Product Review: Digestzen ™

It’s been a little while since I have made a doTERRA review and there are so many great products to cover, however I have found myself focused on my education in the world of value investing. This has led me to neglect this facet of the blog and I think I need to get back to it, so here we go.

This review is a little timely in my world, it’s been a pretty stressful time in my life lately and that has been known in me and other people out there to cause some digestive distress from time to time. Whether it is just acid reflux, general digestive distress, gas, or other concerns we won’t mention by name no one enjoys the feeling of knowing something not quite right is going on. Now stomach flus and viruses are a bit of different animal but this product has it’s place there too.

Digestzen ™ is a product that is meant to help alleviate some of the symptomology of digestive track issues without the need to turn to over the counter pharmaceuticals. There are a number of different medications I would have used to achieve the same effects that I get with this blend. It also comes in a range of products that will be sure to give you something you are comfortable with.

I personally prefer the roll on again. I am just a fan of the roll on as a whole which probably isn’t a surprise at this point, but there is the oil itself which can be diffused or used mixed with a drink, there are capsules which are vegetable capsule with the ingredients on the inside which some prefer. Honestly though rolling it onto the area where I am having discomfort from spleen to abdomen seems to be effective for me. I will also say within my experience the efficacy is quick, I would say I see results from minutes to half an hour at most, and I usually feel so much better quickly thereafter.

The ingredients are a mix of Fractionated Coconut, Ginger, Peppermint, Carraway, Coriander, Anise, Tarragon and Fennel. More information on the ingredient mix are available at the doTERRA website. I highly encourage you to go check it out there.

This was one of the first products from doTERRA that my wife had me use and it has stayed in my kit bag ever since. There is one in my desk, one in my kit bag, one in the bathroom of every bathroom in our house, and in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Rex keeps one on her person too as well as at work. This may be one of the most universal products that doTERRA produces, because like it or not it’s something we all struggle with in some way at some point in our lives. It’s also the one thing no one wants to talk about, so I feel sometimes that it gets overlooked.

There are of course warnings about usage on the website which should be followed and I do not provide any dosing instructions and I will not claim that it will cure or prevent any disease. Use it as directed and I hope you will see some of the same benefits that I do. I am not an employee or a salesperson for doTERRA and I am not receiving any direct or indirect compensation for this review. However, if you would like to speak about getting involved with selling or ordering I am too happy to get you in contact with Mrs. Rex who deals with the purchasing and selling of doTERRA products under her agreement with the company. Heck I don’t even get a kickback from Mrs. Rex’s sellers I just get stuck with the bill.

I kid though, Mrs. Rex does have a number and we would be too happy to help introduce you to the wonderful world of essential oils whether you go through us or not. I hope you’ll look further into their products for yourself and enjoy the benefits of natural products like this. Till next time.

Daddicus Rex, Out!

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