doTERRA Product Review: Deep Blue(TM)

Alright, after the first review I wanted to move on immediately, but sometimes life conspires against you. I am back now though with my second product review of the doTERRA line, Deep Blue. Now this product is meant to treat aches and pains, and comes in about every form that you can imagine. My wife and I are huge fans of the lotion like, Deep Blue (R) Rub, whether it is after a long workout or just the aches and pains we all get from sitting in front of the computer all day, or even just pain that pops up as we age; this product has worked wonders.

This was how my wife got me into the world of essential oils in the first place and probably should have been my first review. Up until this point I had made mercilessly made fun of my wife for using essential oils, calling her a “crunchy” person referring to the granola loving hippy crowd of the sixties and nineties (I see you Whole Foods). However, the day that I came home from a significantly long run with the IT band of my right leg on fire and she rubbed it on there, I was a convert. It is of course a proprietary blend, but I will tell you the Wintergreen and peppermint will stand out over everything else.

Honestly, the smell can be a little overpowering for most of us and people with especially sensitive noses may have a hard time with it. If you can get over the fact that it doesn’t smell bad, just VERY strong, the benefits are incredible. I have a body that has been put through hard use and abuse and often hurt doing things like getting out of bed in the morning, but putting the rub on while not curing the underlying condition makes my days much more comfortable and guess what? I don’t have to depend on chemicals thrown down my gullet to feel better. Now that is always something I can get behind. It also comes in rollerballs, which apply the oil blend directly to your skin instead of in a cream, or you can use the oil with coconut oil to make a more solid but fast dispersing paste.

I also would use this for headaches, I get terrible migraines, mostly due to the blows to the head I suffered as a young man. They are incapacitating and I have not found anything that is 100% effective in stopping or treating them. Deep blue oil though applied in extremely small amounts, I mean like one swipe at either temple or over my fivehead (yeah my hairline has started receding, it happens) and often it will lessen the severity of it so that I am not in agony. There is another product I prefer from the doTERRA line for these, but if I don’t have it handy, we often have Deep Blue all over the house or out with us so it makes a great stand in.

I tried it and love, my whole family uses it, even my girls. They get growing pains because they were cursed with parents who are both taller than average and one looks like she may end up taller than me. When they do and I remember the pain of it, we put Deep Blue (R) Rub on their legs and it often lets them get some quality rest. I encourage trying it out, but as I learned the hard way, keep it way away from your eyes…and other sensitive areas, because if you let it drip into your eyes…or whatever, it is extremely uncomfortable for a while.

Overall, I give it a hearty recommendation myself, because I can’t imagine being without it now.

There are of course warnings to be followed which you can find at Again I make no claims for how this product will work for you or that your experience will match mine, I don’t claim it treats of prevents any diseases. Use it as directed. I also am not an employee or salesperson for doTERRA and neither am I receiving any compensation direct or indirect for this review.

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