Life Wars VI: Return of the Pruppets

My two lovable, goof ball doggos returned today after nearly two months at a board and train with Kilo and Frei Kennel in Farmersville, Tx. Big shout out to Aaron at Kilo and Frei for the work he put in with our angels, through pain, illness and plague he put the work in with them and they are showing the fruits of his efforts.

On the left we have Chloe who will be training to be a service dog and on the right Ranger our shelter rescue from a few years ago. Aaron not only has helped us with our training program, but was the person who brought Chloe into our life. They are both major goobs and together are an absolute train wreck of pruppety goodness.

In fact as a write this post I am sitting in one of our comfy chairs with each of them asleep on the floor on either side of me. It’s pretty much my idea of heaven. I love dogs and always have! I have been feeling quite a whole in my life with them gone and my oldest had trouble sleeping without Ranger in the house, so it is easy to say we ALL missed them. Even my wife who does not like dogs particularly was ready for them to come home, so it’s a very happy day for us.

I just wanted to share a feel good story on an otherwise bleh, kind of Thursday, if you have one or more go home and hug your pruppet tonight. If you don’t have one, go give one a good home and if you have cats… throw them out and get a pet that actually appreciates you. (Just kidding about the cats… kind of.)

Once again I want to give major kudos to Aaron and Kilo and Frei Kennels out in Farmersville, Tx. You are an awesome dude, with a great family and a heck of a trainer! You should find them on Facebook and they now have their own Tik Tok channel, so please go check them out and give them some love. They always have new dogs coming in for training and graduating which produce some amazing photo ops. Anyway, thank you for checking us out too and I hope you will consider giving us a follow for all the random thoughts that come out of my head. Till then, signing off.

-Daddicus Rex

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