Welcome to Octagon!

The voice of Bruce Buffer, “Ittttt’s Time!”. Honestly some days I’m not sure where up and down are, but my girls do a pretty good job of keeping life interesting. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from the UFC about this, but honestly can it be worse than three hangry ladies on a Saturday morning? Yeah probably, but I tell you what I am a proud girl dad just wanting to share a little sunshine with you all.

“You can’t do anything to be funny. That’s cringeworthy. If your humor comes out of a place of love every time, you don’t make the joke bigger than you. The funniest comedians are in touch with their emotional level.” ~ John Krasinski

Now unfortunately John Krasinski had no idea I was going to utilize this quote and have the emotional level of a 10 year old boy.
An afternoon tea party on a pajama weekend day. Because when ‘rona is out there lurking you stay the heck home and got noone to impress.

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